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Sox Super Comfy Cat Harness

A lovely comfortable cat harness.   Hook and loop fasten around the abdomen and neck. Velcro fastens at the sides rather than underneath the stomach and neck, for easier fastening for the handler and comfort for the cat, there's nothing more irritating than having a strip of stiff Velcro stuck under your neck! The neck strap has also been designed thinner than most harnesses for comfort for the cat. It also has two strips of webbing running down the length, ads more comfort for the cat not to have webbing running and rubbing down the spine!  The Velcro on the neck is 7cm long and the abdomen 8cm long, giving a decent amount of adjustment. Even though I use industrial strength 20mm Velcro on the neck, please ensure there is enough adhered together to prevent the Velcro undoing if pulled with force. Comes with a  webbing lead, choose colour from drop down menu. Please note this is not being sold as an escape proof harness, as with cats being the Houdini of the animal world, nothing is escape proof to them! :D  Although I will add we have never had anything escape so far!

A little history to our design of harness. This harness has been named after one of our many rescued kitties, Sox. Sox had lived as a stray all her life, when I saw her and saw she was unwell, I took her in. She promptly went under surgery to have all her teeth (apart from two) removed as she had suffered long term infections which had travelled into the bone, which we now have cleared up. But we also discovered she was suffering from stage 2 kidney disease and has a tumour which can not be operated on. Due to her issues which were untreated, Sox sadly suffered with high blood pressure which has damaged some of her eyesight. Although she does have some sight it is not good enough for her to be let outside on her own, which left us with the only option to harness train her. Remarkably Sox took to this rather well, but I noticed slight problems with the design of harness used on her, especially with her being such a small cat, only 2.4kg! So done some alterations to make it less restricting and more comfortable for her, but still secure, which made her happier to walk on the harness. This design has been tested on other cats, all being rescues, with success, that I decided to sell them for others to benefit.

Sox hopes you like her harness as much as she does :)

SCH01.  100% Cotton Cat Print Harness Size S/M


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