A selection of clearance stocks and seconds (read description of listing for faults), and all sale items.

CL01.  White Jacquard Ready Tied Stock (Fabric Flaw)

White jacquard pre tied stock, ready tied stock, Dressage stock tie

White jacquard ready tied stock, with a floral design.  Slight material flaw, has a small pull on the end of the tab part, so not visible when worn, and a couple of very minor material flaws, not really noticeable.

RRP:  £20.00

Clearance Price:  £14.00

CL02.  White Poly Cotton Self Tie Stock (Buttonhole Defect)

White poly cotton self tie stock.  There’s a piece of material fold at the bottom of the buttonhole, does not affect use and not visible when worn.

RRP:  £16.00

Clearance Price:  £12.00

CL03.  Off White Polyester Ready Tied Stock

Satin pre tied stock, ready tied stock, Dressage stock tie

Plain off white polyester stock a nice thick soft stock tie.  End of line!

RRP: £16.00

Clearance Price: £12.00

CL04.  White Paisley Patterned Satin Self Tie Stock

A lovely lightweight satin with a paisley design.  Material has a fold on the button hole, does not affect use and not noticeable when worn.

RRP: £22.00

Clearance Price: £16.00

CL05.  Novelty Union Jack Satin Pre Tied Stock

Novelty stock tie, Dressage stock tie

White satin with a Union Jack pattern.  Has a pull on the lower tab along the seam, unnoticeable when worn.

RRP: £18.00

Clearance Price: £8.00

CLo6.  White Embroidered Taffeta Pre Tied Stock

White taffeta pre-tied stock with embroidery.  Has random small yellow spots on fabric (possibly ink splatter!) All located where not visible, on inside of neck piece, and under the lower tab.

RRP: £25.00

Clearance Price: £16.00

CL07.  White Embroidered Taffeta Self Tie Stock

A white embroidered taffeta self tie stock.  Has random yellow spots (possibly ink splatter) and a browner spot (shown in photo), only on one side of one of the lower tabs, so can be tied with the marks on the underside.

RRP: £25.00

Clearance Price: £16.00